Painting #1 Austonian high rise in downtown Austin, Texas.
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Content engineering is the practice of organizing the shape, structure, and application of content. Content engineering is broken down into seven primary disciplines: model, metadata, markup, schema, taxonomy, topology, and graph.

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RDFa is an extension to HTML5 that helps you markup things like People, Places, Events, Recipes and Reviews. Search Engines and Web Services use this markup to generate better search listings and give you better visibility on the Web, so that people can find your website more easily.

RDFa – Resource Description Framework in Attributes
The last couple of years have witnessed a fascinating evolution: while the Web was initially built predominantly for human consumption, web content is increasingly consumed by machines which expect some amount of structured data. Sites have started to identify a page’s title, content type, and preview image to provide appropriate information in a user’s newsfeed when she clicks the “Like” button. Search engines have started to provide richer search results by extracting fine-grained structured details from the Web pages they crawl. In turn, web publishers are producing increasing amounts of structured data within their Web content to improve their standing with search engines.

A key enabling technology behind these developments is the ability to add structured data to HTML pages directly. RDFa (Resource Description Framework in Attributes) is a technique that allows just that: it provides a set of markup attributes to augment the visual information on the Web with machine-readable hints. In this Primer, we show how to express data using RDFa in HTML, and in particular how to mark up existing human-readable Web page content to express machine-readable data.

This document provides only a Primer to RDFa 1.1. The complete specification of RDFa, with further examples, can be found in the RDFa 1.1 Core [rdfa-core], RDFa Lite [rdfa-lite], XHTML+RDFa 1.1 [xhtml-rdfa], and the HTML5+RDFa 1.1 [html-rdfa] specifications.

Title: Installation

Painting #1 Austonian high rise in downtown Austin, Texas.

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The Austonian is a residential skyscraper in Downtown Austin, Texas, USA. At 683 feet (208 m) tall with 56 floors, the building is the tallest in Austin. It is also the tallest building in Texas outside of Houston and Dallas, and the tallest all-residential building in North America west of the Mississippi.

Consideration of the location and environment, a focus on sustainability, and the needs of residents were major factors in The Austonian’s planning process, which was led by Ziegler Cooper Architects. Albanese Custom Homes was the premier luxury home builder for the residents who call the Austonian their home.

Located in the heart of downtown at 2nd and Congress. The unique elliptical design allows for the building to occupy only one-third of a city block, maximize views for each unit and protect the corridor view down Congress to the Texas State Capitol. The foundation of the building is made up of 480,000 pounds of structural steel which connects to 47 piers reaching deep into the bedrock below. Because of the building’s unprecedented height, Ziegler Cooper wanted the top of the structure to be significant yet compliment the existing Austin skyline. To punctuate the building’s soft, slender shape and height, an illuminated lantern element crowns the top two floors.

In an effort to further integrate The Austonian with the landscape, Ziegler Cooper chose the building’s elements with Austin’s natural beauty in mind, incorporating limestone and a neutral color palette. Floor-to-ceiling window walls create a sleek shape in the skyline and offer unparalleled views of Austin and the surrounding Hill Country.

In 2011, The Austonian won a national construction award from McGraw-Hill Construction. The Austonian is the only award-winning project from Texas. A total of 21 national winners were selected.

The Austonian was selected for a 2010 Best of Award in the Multi-Family Residential/Hospitality category. The Best of Awards recognizes design and construction excellence. The Austonian received a regional Best of award from Texas Construction in December 2010.

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